In September 2017 three veteran Madison musicians, vocalist Jodi Jean Amble, singer and guitarist Tom Waselchuk, and multi-instrumentalist Doug Brown, put together a set of material for a one-and-done performance at the annual Spring Green BeatleFest. Their set was enthusiastically received. The players came away feeling the spark of a kindred musical spirit, and so began The Honey Pies. A year’s worth of performances has only confirmed each member’s initial feeling that they’d stumbled onto something special. 


To mark their one year anniversary The Honey Pies introduced bassist and vocalist Matt Rodgers to the band. The Honey Pies apply crystal harmonies and virtuoso instrumental skills to the best of traditional, contemporary, and original Americana music.


“This is not your typical three-chord country-folk band! The four members of The Honey Pies are all terrific musicians in their own right, but put together their musicality shoots to new heights.  The sound is free-spirited, but amazingly focused and precise. Jodi & Tom’s voices blend so well and both have extensive vocal ranges.  When Matt and Doug join in for four part harmony, it’s just over the top. Tom & Doug’s fret work and Matt’s bass riffs are inspiring, and you just can’t help but love Jodi Jean any time she opens her mouth to sing.  And what a range of styles!”


Nancy Cullen  •  Rural Musicians Forum






Want to learn more about The Honey Pies, our music, and upcoming shows? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tom Waselchuk


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